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TSCA Title VI Regulations and Compliance help page

Thursday, May 24, 2018


What the EPA TSCA Formaldehyde Rule

Means to you


Dear Fabricator,


You may purchase  composite wood panels made before June 1st 2018 at any time and be used in finished goodsand components at any time without the labeling requirment.

Beginning on June 1st 2018 you must comply with the following EPA regulation. TSCA is the acronym for the EPA Toxic Substance Control ACT for Composite wood panels made after June 1 2018:

        *  You must source TSCA Title VI compliant composite wood panels

        *  Keep 3 years of records your packing slips and invoices for purchases of compliant products

        *  You must label your finished goods with a label like this:

Composite Wood products covered are Particleboard, MDF, Hardwood Plywood and Laminated Products.

Rest assured that Flagg Inc. will be supplying you with only products that comply with this requirement and will provide you with packing slips and invoices that you need for your compliance to the new EPA TSCA Title VI rule.

for more info click here

This ruling allows that until March 22, 2019, regulated products certified as compliant with the CARB ATCM Phase II emission standards must be labeled as compliant with either the TSCA Title VI or the CARB ATCM Phase II emission standards and you are allowed to label your finished goods as TSCA Title VI Compliant when using products carrying either certifications.


Currently all of the products we carry in stock carry the CARB ATCM Phase II as a minimum. So you are safe sourcing these products from Flagg Inc. See the link below for more detail information on the ruling.


Current Rule status based on court order on 4/4/2018: 

 Please note NAF and ULEF labeled board products are exempt from the testing and they qualify to be compliant with TSCA Title VI.