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Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit

 One Room Starter Kit

This kit for hardwired lights gives you smart lighting control in one room. It is easy to use, simple to set up, and gives you a smart system that you can expand at your own pace.

  • Smart Bridge and App, with HomeKit technology
  • In-wall light dimmers
  • Lutron Claro® wallplates
  • Pico® remotes
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Lutron In-Wall Dimmer

Caseta Wireless

Doesn't require a neutral wire making it ideal for retrofit or new construction.

No Polarity for line or load wiring making it mistake-proof wiring

Works with compatible dimmable LEDS (up to 150W), and incandescent and halogen bulbs (up to 600W)

Use Pico Remote for additional switches in multi-location applications.

Claro Dual Gang Gloss White

Dual gang gloss white designer wall plate

4-Button Pico Remote

Choose from three options

-Dimming control: Same functionality (full on/off and raise/lower) as standard Pico, but in a 4 button aesthetic.

- Battery powered: features a 10 year battery life.

-2-group switch control: control two groups of lights independently from one another

-3-Scene control: create three different scenes, as well as turn all lights off

Note: light/shade and shade only 4 button remotes are also available