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Pockit Adapt

As the name suggests, this latest version of our Pockit series is adaptable to specific applications using one of three lenses included. Each light comes with a 25,45, and 60 degree lens, all easily interchangeable. The 3/8" depth (9.5mm) makes this one of the lowest profile spot lights in the industry while still generating a staggering 250 lumens of light output.

Pockit Point 1W

The 1W Pockit Point is a miniature spotlight producing a focused beam of light. With a recess depth of only 11mm (7/16") and diameter of 25mm (1") it can be installed in the smallest of spaces. Ideal for small light boxes, museum cases, jewelry cases or anywhere an inconspicuous LED fixture is required.

Pockit Spot

The 3W Pockit Spot LED Light's high output perfoms like a spotlight to keep kiosks, displays, prep areas, and more on center stage. The fixture features a narrow 30 degree beam angle and the ability to adjust the face of the fixture 12 degrees. An exceptionally low profile diameter of only 59 mm (2 5/16") makes it ideal for tight applications.

Power Pockit 3W

As the name suggests, this ultra-thin recess or surface mount 3W Pockit provides high output and flooding illumination. The COB diode technology is far superior than tradition surface mount diodes and eliminates any hot spots or pixelated look. No unsightly diodes or reflections from surfaces. A premium choice with several finish options

Power Pockit 5W

The next generation of Power Pockit is an astounding 2.5x brighter than our original industry leading 3W version. With Luniform technology, 290 lumens of light is evenly distributed and eliminates the "dotted" appearance on surfaces. At only 1/4" (6 mm) depth, the Power Pockit 5W is the slimmest, highest output puck light on the market.