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Laminate countertop surfaces have come a long way since our grandparents era. Today homeowners are getting more creative with their pattern and material choices, and laminate is the only material that lets you be both serious and playful at the same time.Mixing a woodgrain laminate countertop with, say, a decorative metal backsplash adds a little glamour and personality to a space or mixing a quartz island countertop surface with a laminate perimeter countertop can extend your budget and give you that "mixed materials" look that is so ontrend.

Personalization is also hot right now, and with laminate's extensive design range-stones, granites, woods and abstracts-homeowners of all style preferences can find a solution. Wilsonart's new online Virtual Design Library puts an ever expanding collection of exotic and even off-beat design easily at your fingertips. New Geometrics and Painted Woods take laminate out of "traditional" applications like kitchen countertops and allows it to move onto vertically/wall installations in almost any room.