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EquiLine Tape LED 1.5W

EquiLine Tape LED is the economical alternative to Tresco's Commercial Grade FlexTape. This 1.5W/ft. version comes on a 20 ft. roll and is cuttable about every 2 inches. Simple "FlexConnect" connection system makes installation a breeze.

FlexTape 1.5W

Unique design makes FlexTape the most versatile LED lights on Earth. Curve them under frosted glass to create a stunning display or run them under shelving for continuous illumination. Sold in 20' (6m) rolls and cuttable every 2"(50mm), the tape features an adhesive backing for easy peel-and-stick installation.

FlexTape 3W

High Output FlexTape has a low profile that can be used in many discreet locations. Each uses 3W of energy per foot and comes with an adhesive backing that allows easy mounting on any clean, flat surface. Sold in 16.4' (5m) rolls, the tape is cuttable every 1" (25mm) and features diodes placed 5/16" (7mm) apart for greater coverage and illumination.

FlexTape 4.4W

Grab attention by adding our ultra-bright 4.4W LED tape to your next project. The thin and flexible design makes installation around corners, under shelves, and around cabinets effortless. Guaranteed to outshine and outlast other tapes, our 4.4W FlexTape is rigorously tested, ensuring quality, durability, and consistency.