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SurfPrep 3" x 4" Air Sanders

SurfPrep’s 3” x 4” Air & Electric Surge Sanders have a low profile, compact footprint designed for use on flat surfaces, recessed corners, inside drawer boxes, & profiled moldings, etc. The durable, lightweight nylon composite bodied sanders withstand rugged industrial applications and are excellent for both prep & finish sanding. Both the Air and Electric Surge can be converted into a more “aggressive leveling sander” with the simple addition of a pad saver with SurfPrep Film cut sheets. All OEM parts are available.
Description SKU
SurfPrep 3"X4" Sander 340001
SurfPrep 3"X4" Sander Central vacuum 340001CV
SurfPrep 3"X4" Sander Self Generated Vacuum 340001SGV